117 Years of Results

Table of Contents - p01-02
Forward - p03
Tom Ryall - p04-05
Leinster Council Secretaries - p07-11
Leinster Council Chairmen - p07-11
Leinster Senior Hurling Champions - p12-15
Leinster Intermediate Hurling Champions - p16
Leinster Junior Hurling Champions - p17 -19
Leinster U21 Hurling Champions - p20-21
Leinster Minor Hurling Champions - p22-24
Leinster Club Hurling Champions - p25-26
Leinster Colleges Senior Hurling Champions - p27-32
Walsh Cup Hurling Champions - p33-34
Kehoe Cup Hurling Champions - p35
Hurling Champions Picture - p36-39
Leinster Senior Hurling Finalists - p40-69
Leinster Railway Cup Winning Teams - p70-75
Leinster Interprovincial Colleges Hurling Winning Teams - p76-77
Leinster Senior All-Ireland Hurling Winning Teams - p78-85
Leinster All-Ireland Intermediate Hurling Winning Teams - p86
Leinster Junior All-Ireland Hurling Winning Teams - p87-91
Leinster U-21 All Ireland Hurling Winning Teams - p92-93
Leinster Minor All-Ireland Hurling Winning Teams - p94-98
Leinsters National Hurling League Winning Teams - p99-102
Leinster Club All Ireland Hurling Winning Teams - p103-105
Leinster Colleges AlI-Ireland Senior Hurling Winning Teams - p106-109
Leinster's Oireachtas Winning Teams - p110-113
Leinster's All-Star Hurlers - p114-116
Leinsters Texaco/Caltex Hurling Award Winners - p117
Leinster Senior Hurling County Champions - p118-125
Leinster Senior Hurling Champions Pictures - p126-129
Leinster Senior Football Champions - p130-134
Leinster Junior Football Champions - p135-137
Leinster U-21 Football Champions - p138-139
Leinster Minor Football Champions - p140-142
Leinster Club Football Champions - p143-145
Leinster Colleges Senior Football Champions - p146-151
O'Byrne Cup Football Champions - p152-153
Leinster Football Champions Pictures - p154-157
Leinster Senior Football Finalists - p158-187
Leinster Railway Cup Football Winning Teams - p189-195
All Ireland Football Champions Pictures - p196-199
Leinster Interprovincial Colleges Football Winning Teams - p200-202
Leinster Senior All-Ireland Football Winning Teams - p203-210
Leinster Junior All-Ireland Football Winning Teams - p211-213
Leinster U-21All-Ireland Football Winning Teams - p214
Leinster Minor All-Ireland Football Winning Teams -p215-218
Leinster's National Football League Winning Teams - p219-222
Leinster's Club All-Ireland Football Winning Teams - p223-224
Leinster Colleges All-Ireland Football Winning Teams - p225-227
Leinster Football Teams Pictures - p228-230
Leinster's All-Star Footballers - p231-233
Leinster County Senior Football Champions - p234-244
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