Resistance Training Course

Leinster GAA in association with the other provinces are currently piloting a "Resistance Training for the Gaelic Games Youth Athlete" 

The course was Developed by Andy Murphy (University of Limerick), Dr. Cian O'Neill (Univeristy of Limerick) and Michael Dempsey (IT Carlow). 

The course will look at the following:

• Understanding the needs and demands of the youth athlete
• Developmental and challenging Warm-Up games
• Principles of training (related to RT)
• The role of RT in the preparation of the Gaelic games youth athlete
• Coaching field-based RT exercises
• Coaching indoor RT exercises (sports hall, mutli-purpose area)
• Progression and adaptation of exercises
• Movement analysis
• Integration of RT training and skills based training
• Programme design, progression & evaluation
• Periodisation and planning

It is hoped that after the pilot that the course will be submitted to the Standards in Coaching Development Workgroup for accreditation and then can be rolled out to coaches around the country.

1 RT Course Pilot.JPG















               Participants on the Pilot Course in Garrycastle GAA Club