Under 16 Club Hurling League

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Leinster GAA will be running their U-16 football and the U-16 hurling leagues in 2016 (see dates below).  The purpose of these leagues is to provide meaningful games at the appropriate level of competition for all participants (where possible).  Clubs will be given the opportunity to compete against opponents, whom they have not encountered previously, thereby providing variety for their players and also the opportunity to develop contacts with clubs from outside your own County. 

The format of the leagues will depend on the numbers that enter.  However it is proposed to run three rounds in the league section followed by a semi-final and final for each division.  Referees will be appointed by the County Referee Administrators through the Leinster Council.

Leinster Club U-16 hurling league will be run on the following dates.

Round 1    –       Sat 5th March.

Round 2   -         Sat 12th March.

Round 3   -         Sat 19th March.

Semi Finals         Sat 26th March.

(Finals as curtain raisers to National League games where possible).

Each Club will be requested to pay a deposit fee of €250 to enter.  This fee will be returned after the team plays all its games in the competition.  Should a club not fulfil all its fixtures the deposit may be forfeited.


Finals may be played as curtain raiser to Leinster Championship games if the venue and the pairing facilitate such an arrangement.

Fixtures Schedule/Postponements

All games must be played as per the Official Fixture.  “Home Teams” are requested to make contact with their opponents at least three days prior to the game to confirm arrangements.

Extra Time

In the event of teams finishing level in the Knock-Out Stages of any competition extra time MUST be played (10 mins. each way).


It is important that pitches are suitably presented for each game.

If home team is unable to provide a venue the game will be played at the venue of their opponent’s choice. Home Team must confirm not later than midday on the day prior to the game of having to concede home venue.

Astroturf pitches are approved pitches for the playing of games.

Appointment of Referees

Referees will be appointed by the County Referee Administrator.   Referee expenses are covered by the “Home Club”


Each Club is requested to provide two umpires for each game.


For the league section of the competition both participating Counties are requested to provide a linesmen (fully togged out)

Clash of Colours

If the game is at a home venue - home team must changes to an alternative set.

If the game is at a neutral venue - toss of coin decides which team is to change to alternative set.    Semi-Finals & Finals - Both teams change to alternative colours unless otherwise agreed.

Qualifying procedure

In deciding winners from the League stages the following regulations shall apply;

League results shall be credited as follows – 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw an 0 points for a loss.

Where teams finish with equal points for qualification for the concluding stages of a competition, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified;

(i) Where 2 teams only are involved – the outcome of the meeting of the two teams in the previous game of the competition.

(ii) Score Difference (Subtracting the total scores against from the total scores for)

(iii) Highest total score for.

Walkovers conceded/ teams withdrawing

When a walkover is conceded the games(s) concerned will be deemed to have been played, and the points will be given to the opposition. In the event of a team conceding a game(s) in the competition and finishing level on points, with another team(s), the teams who fulfilled all their fixtures will be deemed to have finished higher in the rankings for the competition.

If teams end on equal points, but some of these points are gained as a result of a walkover, then the placings will be decided (as (ii)/ (iii) above), excluding all games in which the teams who conceded the walk-over participated in.

If a team withdraws from the competition all their games (played and un-played) are deemed null and void and placings are decided with that team excluded.