Leinster GAA Skills Test

Leinster GAA has developed 2 skills tests for U13/6th Class Children for both Hurling and Football. The skills tests are designed to challenge each players ability to strike/kick accurately and consistantly off both sides.

The tests are devided into Individual tests and team tests

Individual Tests

The individual tests can be take in two formats:

1) League - The league format is a best of 10 structure where by the player takes 10 attempts (5 off each side) and calculates their total score

2) Championship - The championship format is knock-out, each player continues the test until they miss.

You can view an outline of the tests or watch the supporting Hurling videos  or Football Videos

Team Tests

The team tests are a great way of setting you players a challenge where they have to work as part of a team. The two tests are different in that one test is a competition between two teams while the other test is a against the clock whereby all players are working together to beat a target set by them, their coach or another team of players

You can view an outline of the team tests or watch the supporting Hurling Videos or Football Videos