Game Sense

Game Sense is a book designed to assist coaches in team preparation. It provides 10 practical sessions for coaches/managers to follow, each session is designed to focus on a particular themeGameSense 226x300 and take your coaching to a new level. Sessions are flexible and adaptable depending on the level of your team.

As a coach, to achieve success, keeping your sessions interesting and focused is really important. Coaches need to develop the art of teasing out the answers rather than telling through problem solving situations.

GAME SENSE sets coaches on their way to start thinking along these lines. The book aims to:

Provide a template and layout for coaches, covering all areas necessary for a goodtraining session.
Give practical ideas through games based training for coaches.
Help coaches focus on a specific theme throughout the training session. These include:

  • Individual & Group Defence
  • Support Play
  • Penetration, width and depth in attack and many more.

Written by John Morrisson, one of Ulster’s leading coaches and devised by Gerard O’Connor, Games Manager, Dublin GAA

Available to purchase on-line from Dublin GAA