Suggested Format/Rules for Go Games Football/Hurling

1. Playing numbers:

Under 8: A maximum of 7 v 7
Under 10: A maximum of 10 v 10
Under 12: A maximum of 11 v 11
These guidelines are the maximum number of children recommended per team. The smaller sided the games the better.

2. Zones:
Zones are suggested at Under 8 and Under 10 to avoid the crowding effect. If games are suitably small sided it may not be necessary for zones

3. Recommended Playing Time:  

Under 8: Four quarters of seven minutes
Under 10: Four quarters of 10 minutes
Under 12: Four quarters of 12 minutes
Four quarters are suggested to allow an interchange of positions (allowing all players to experience different positions). Logistical issues sometimes necessitate playing 2 halves. Rule changes/position changes may take place within a half.

4a. Suggested Playing Rules Football:

Under 8: No solo, Pick up allowed, No fist pass, Zones
Under 10: Limited solo, Pick up allowed
Under 12: Rules modified to meet developmental needs

4b. Suggested Playing Rules Hurling:

Under 8: No solo, Ground hurling, Zones
Under 10: Catch and Strike, No solo, Zones
Under 12: Rules modified to meet developmental needs

5. Suggested Field Size:

Under 8: 45M x 40M
Under 10: 65M x 40M
Under 12: 100M x 40M

6. Approval:

Cross county blitzes should have agreed Go Games rules in advance. Please note all cross county blitzes must have approval from county board and the relevant provincial council.
For More Information on Go Games rules and for Go Games Introductory blitzes in your county please contact your County Games Development Manager


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